Theme:Drawing & Painting

Art by Archen: Original, emotional, descriptive art


Theme: Drawing & Painting

Covering the fundamental building blocks of all art.
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Please note: Themes are chosen for each session based on student interest with emphasis on building specific skills. If you wish to learn a specific medium or style, feel free to request it, even if it is not listed here.


 Sample Classes:

Drawing - values, tools & ways of seeing

Drawing - still life, plein aire, figures

Drawing - portraiture, getting form & detail

Pastel - value study: still life

Pastel - color study: landscape

Pastel - figure drawing

Oils - learning the tools: still life

Oils - the process of painting: landscape

Oils - figure & portraiture

Color theory - what & why

Value - capturing form & shadow

Positive/negative space - the power of shape

Composition - still life, landscape & figure

Movement - controlling the viewer's eye

Student's works :


Shelby's Still Life in pencil