The Art of Story

 A year-long project of daily thumbnails, weekly sketches and monthly paintings culminating in a book of beautiful visual stories.

January 10th Thumbnail

January 9th Thumbnail

January 8th Thumbnail

January 7th Thumbnail

January 6th, Thumbnail

January 5th Thumbnail

January 4th Thumbnail

January 3rd Thumbnail
Thumbnail Jan. 3rd

January 2nd Thumbnail
Thumbnail Jan. 2nd

January 1st Thumbnail
Thumbnail Jan. 1st

I love telling stories through my art.

This project will challenge me to tell stories through images every day for an entire year. Each day I will produce small sketches & thumbnails based on stories. Each week I will choose from these the best ideas and produce one or more finished sketches in dry medium or paint. Each month I’ll use the best of these compositions to create a finished painting.

 In the end, I will have a years' worth of visual stories. All works, from thumbnails to finished paintings will be for sale. Just let me know if you are interested in purchasing something.

Thumbnail sheets: $15

Finished sketches: $75

Finished paintings: $275