Artist's Statement

Art by Archen: Original, emotional, descriptive art 

Speak to any artist for any length of time and you begin to understand that the world looks different through our eyes. In a flash, the colors of waves become mesmerizing and a sprig of mint becomes a masterpiece. More importantly, the connections between the waves, the mint and you as a piece of the universe suddenly spring into focus. My art is my expression of belief, the lessons I have learned.

On Portraiture:

Through portraits I strive to capture the spirit of a subject's persona, expressing the magic of stepping into another place and time.

Paintings should capture a moment in time. They should take you somewhere else and show you something you haven't seen before. Portraits should  not only show you what a person looks like, they should show you a piece of who a person is.

Beauty in all its forms, both physical and spiritual, inhabit our lives whether we realize this or not. May you see and understand more through my work.



Artist's Statement


Joan of Arc

Oil - 16 x 24