Art by Archen: Original, emotional, descriptive art

Archen may be commissioned to produce an artwork to your specifications. 

Whether you want a portrait of your child, an image of yourself in ancestral clothing, a portrait of your pet, a reproduction of a Master's work, a painting from your vacation photos or just an image from your head, Archen will work with you to give you the perfect image.

E-mail her at for details.

Sarah at Six - Oil

Family Portrait - Charcoal

The Carel's Wedding - Mixed Conte'/Oil

Anniversary over Sonoma Valley - Oil

Mountain House - Oil

Little Bit's "Come Hither" Look - Pastel

Julie's Arabian - Oil

Pharaoh's Horses, After Healey - Oil

Commission prices based on individual size and complexity.

Specific quotes available on request.

Archen may also be commissioned to illustrate books and paint Book Covers.