Fun with Mediums

Art by Archen: Original, emotional, descriptive art


 Abstract: Fun with Mediums

Exploring new materials, mixed media, wearable art, etc.

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These classes are purely to explore the fun and unusual effects one can achieve with different supplies. Come play with watercolors and salt, crayons and wax relief, torn paper, chalk, dyes, and more! If you don't see what you're interested in, please request it.

Sample Classes:

Mask making: basic with plastic form

Mask making: papier-mache

Soft metal embossing & sculpture

Decoupage purses & boxes

Paper Sculpture

Dying papers

Fun with Acrylics

Fun with Watercolors

Fun with Pastels 

Student's Works:

Julie's Mask 


Julie's Paper Sculpture


 Kimberly's Paper Sculpture


 Oz Mask - Archen


Kimberly's Acrylic

Julie's Watercolor