Handmade Costumes

Art by Archen: Original, emotional, descriptive art


Archen has always made fabulously elaborate costumes for herself, her family, and her friends. Now she’s offering these one-of-a-kind costumes to you! Any idea you have she will work with you to create. Need a Nyssa outfit from Doctor Who; a seventeenth century French gown; a kickin’ tribal belly dance outfit you can actually dance in? No problem. Each outfit is hand fitted to you, with whatever details you need.  

Contact Archen at Commissions@artbyarchen.com with any questions.


Tribal Belly Dance Outfit with matching Arm Band and Head Band

Victorian bustle dress with hat and spats

(Photos by Dim Horizon Studios)


Bellydance outfit with Persian over-jacket

Medieval velvet gown with under-dress

Bridal Gown with leather vest, and fresh flowers

Nyssa and Romana I from Doctor Who

Adventurer with travel pants and hat

Medeival vest, shirt, cuffs and hat


 Kimono with umbrella and Hair decorations

Archen as Romana One from Dr. Who in the 2005 Dragon Con Parade