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Little Bucket Productions

Art by Archen: Original, emotional, descriptive art

Little Bucket Productions

A creative collaboration between Archen, Jay & Alan Marsh of Legendary Designs, and Rip Potter of Rip Potter Design Studio.

Skilled in design, rendering and execution of sets, Archen has worked on plays, films and events.

Whether painting, costuming, doing hair and makeup, staffing, building a set or doing renderings of others' ideas, Archen is capable, flexible, and works well with others.

She has earned the nickname "The MacGyver of Crafts" for her ability to creatively solve problems as they arise in time for the show to go on.

Time Machine set NCTE 2011

Time Machine set for GPP exhibit at Next Cool Thing Event 2011, designed, rendered, built, staffed

An amazing combination of creativity and execution, Jay and Alan are fabricators extraordinaire.

They can transform ordinary household items into time machines, create elaborate event spaces and paint fire that looks real.

They render in Sketch-up and execute anything you can dream up.

Time Machine
fabricated by Jay Marsh NCTE 2011

Architect and furniture craftsman does not go far enough to describe the wonders that come from his mind.

Designer of the Whimble store in Atlanta, Georgia, Rip creates amazingly organic interiors and furnishings. In contrast, his architecture is strikingly modern and clean lined.

Star Wars Cantina Set
Star Wars set for NCTE 2011
built by Rip Potter

Star Wars: The Empire Recycled set for Sustainable Interiors at Next Cool Thing Event 2011
rendered by Archen

Offering a full range of design and execution of sets for plays, movies, and events, Little Bucket Productions specializes in taking the ordinary location and transforming it into your imagination.

Whether you need a spaceship interior, a Victorian Parlor, the inside of a tree or a wrecked city, Rip can design it, Jay & Alan can build it, and Lisa can make it beautiful (or creepy if you prefer.)

Exterior view rendering for Lady & Son Antiques
Jay Marsh & Lisa Duncan 2011

Gobstopper Machine & Golden Tickets for Spalding Charter Elementary production 2011

Although not currently accepting contracts for large projects together, we are all available separately for smaller ideas. Should you need our advice or skills, feel free to contact us individually.